Learning DCX

Phase 1: The Basics

Start off with the DCX Academy:

Depending on if you wanted to day trade it or Buy and Hold and pick the Academy you want to take.

Screen Shot 2020-09-02 at 4.20.05 PM.png

Take and complete the IM Academy Beginner's Bootcamp;  this will commence your trading journey & give you the basic knowledge needed to see success in trading Crypto, as well.

1. Go to the https://www.educatormannyq.com/training

2. Select from the menu "Beginners Bootcamp"

3. Login to your IM Account on https://golive.im/

4. Click each video and watch all 8 in order, when logged in to golive.im you can watch all videos simply by clicking "watch this video"

Phase 2: Advanced Education

A. Study The DCX Educators

 Pick your favourite educator(s) Watch their favourite sessions: to understand their trading style & study it. So you can learn how to trade like them.

Click HERE

to access this!

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B. Take the aces bootcamp as well to really understand how the markets move on a higher level: 

Click Here!

C. Take the Steady Bootcamp

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Click Here!

1. Login to your IM Account on https://golive.im/


2. Scroll down to "STRATEGIES EDUCATION" and click on Steady

3. Go to John Dollery's Favourite session and watch the 8 Phase bootcamp. Can apply this knowledge to Crypto as well.


Phase 3: Plug into to Live Education & Watch them trade Live + Back Test

A. GoLive Calls

Start watching the same traders you just watched live sessions weekly and follow their trades/learn from them.

And backtest that strategy yourself so you can implement it yourself.

Click HERE

to access this!

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Screen Shot 2021-07-10 at 1.42.54 PM.png

Plug into the Steady lives as well!

Click HERE
to access this!

B. GenXT Live Calls

All live calls in GenXT are basically considered hands on learning watch some of the top traders in GenXT trade live in a very interactive format where you can learn from them hands on and ask them questions. These are run through zoom and all links will be posted in the telegram chat: GenXT Calls. Every morning at 9am EST


Drop a mark up EVERYDAY in GenXT trade talks (at least 1), your homework. One of the keys to trading is consistency, doing this daily and allowing your mark up to be reviewed and checked over by traders that have already achieved success can help your learning process. 

Click Here to Join Trade Talks

Phase 4: Create your own trading plan & set weekly/monthly trading goals. Make sure you're trading with proper risk & realistic goals.