The System


Live Analysis:  Save time and money! Our experts do the research and analysis, and you decide if you want to act on the information and trade ideas they provide.

FRX, HFX & DCX academy: Gain beginner to advanced education and master the skills necessary to trade in the foreign exchange market, high frequency forex and cryptocurrency market. Plus a full in depth course on how to create your very own E-commerce store. These academies teach you how to compose and multiply your money from anywhere in the world. Head over to the IM Centre to access.


Go Live: Live sessions/lectures  from 150+ top experts in their respective industry, with this service you can watch live seminars with 7 and 8 figure traders that teach you their strategies. Live chat box to ask them questions and interact with them. They will also suggest live callouts in the market & have their own pre-recorded courses that you can study to master their style of trading. 

Scanners: Multiple million-dollar algorithms designed to spit out potential trade set-ups based on specific styles of trading. 

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The GenerationNXT Schedule: 

Get access to hours of live trading with the team, mindset calls, and entrepreneurship advice from 6 & 7 figure earners in different business venture every single week.

The GenerationNXT "First Steps": 

A step by step guide on how to learn and earn in the cryptocurrency, dropshipping, foreign exchange and high frequency forex markets.

With 1 on 1 mentorship throughout to ensure you get to your goals.

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